Lancashire Heelers, USA
Ch. Westwyn Mantle Yellow Cab at Round Hound


On September 2, 2011, Taxi joined our family.  It was a bittersweet addition, as his previous owner was forced to give him up due to illness. We had put our names into several Corgi rescue groups hoping to find an older or special needs dog in need of a forever home, but we weren't having any luck.  Then, thanks to Joan Smith and Facebook, we were put in contact with Dana Wellock who was looking for a home for her 16 month old Cardigan Corgi.  

How amazing that a family in Florida looking for a Corgi found one in Oregon through a friend in England.   Taxi has adjusted well to his new home and family.  He was living with two Lancashire Heelers in Oregon, so I believe that made his transition a bit easier.   

Taxi is without a doubt our most active swimmer.  He gets into the pool several times most days - usually just to sit on the steps and chill out.  He has been a real pleasure and a great addition to our family.  He learned his gardening skills from Pennie, and has chosen a pot of his own.  Unlike Pennie, who likes to dig for lizards in her pot, he enjoys sitting in his to watch the activity at the bird and squirrel feeders.  
Taxi poolside
Taxi takes a little afternoon catnap