Fighting dog breeds
American Pit Bull Terrier The main breeds that are used for dog fighting are the American Pit Bull Terrier, Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, English Sports Staffordshire Bull…

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Fascioliasis is a helminthiasis, from the group of trematodoses, a disease of many species of mammals caused by the trematode Fasciola hepatica (Fasciola vulgaris). The causative agent is F. hepatica,…

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Common cat diseases
Cats are prone to a number of specific diseases, each of them has its own distinctive symptoms. Knowing what your cat is worried about and why, you can choose the…

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Monthly Archives: November 2018

Dog Facts

Domestic dogs appeared about 15,000 years ago, since then more than 400 breeds with unique properties have been bred. A selection of dog facts will help you better understand the world from the point of view of your dog.

Dogs are very well developed.
Incredibly developed sense of smell
Hearing is developed four times better than in humans.
Much better people see in the dark Continue reading

10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog

Before acquiring a new puppy or dog as a pet in your home, it is important to consider the following:

1. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. Animals develop deep ties with you and your family. Any change in ownership can be extremely traumatic, so you must be prepared for the responsibility involved in the ownership of dogs. Dog owners should be able to provide shelter, food, water, medical care, love and attention.

2. Dog owners also have a significant financial obligation. Continue reading

8 easy ways to keep your dog barking

Dogs bark to communicate with each other and with their owners, but sometimes barking can get out of control. Constant barking can spoil the nerves of the family and create a mess in the neighborhood.
But keep in mind that your dog is trying to tell you something to bark. Before she calms down, you first need to find out what she wants to say.

What is behind barking?
Here are some reasons: Continue reading

Magnusson Feed - Keeping the Best
Imagine clean, fresh air, bright and warm sun, lush green grass and a refreshing breeze. Sounds like a resort, doesn't it? But it is in such conditions that the products…


Favorite swan of Anna Pavlova
The name of the greatest ballerina Anna Pavlova is known not only among people interested in ballet, but also people far from this art. Her stunning miniature Dying Swan brought…


Animals can also be donors
Who are all blood donors is known to all - these are the people thanks to whom many human lives have been and will be saved. In Russia, two days…


Why cats don’t smell
Observe the cat and you will see how much time she devotes to her toilet. It is no coincidence that cats were called neat cats. Indeed, they can sit almost…