Ear Drops - Antibiotics
Why do vets prescribe such a treatment Antibiotics in ear drops are usually used to treat a bacterial infection of the ear, also known as bacterial otitis externa. Topical preparations…

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Dog for apartment
Very often, people in big cities do not have the ability to fully walk dogs, and many of the dog breeds (large and small) require regular physical activity and exercise.…

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Common cat diseases
Cats are prone to a number of specific diseases, each of them has its own distinctive symptoms. Knowing what your cat is worried about and why, you can choose the…

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Dog Facts

Domestic dogs appeared about 15,000 years ago, since then more than 400 breeds with unique properties have been bred. A selection of dog facts will help you better understand the world from the point of view of your dog.

Dogs are very well developed.
Incredibly developed sense of smell
Hearing is developed four times better than in humans.
Much better people see in the dark
Dogs are diverse

Dogs are very diverse in shape and weight. For example, St. Bernard is 110 times heavier than a chihuahua.
They have a number of methods for communication.

Can transmit information by smell
Produce a range of sounds in various combinations, whine, growl, bark and howl
For communication with other dogs, dogs can use the body, face, tail and ears.
Dogs are good athletes

Running speed record for Greyhound dogs – 63 km / h
Dogs are very curious

Actively studying the environment. A lot of time is devoted to research and study.
Dogs are omnivores

Eat both meat and plant foods
The molars are well suited for crushing plant foods
Dogs are social

Many dogs enjoy the company of other dogs, but they also form strong social bonds with humans.
Dogs are smart
Able to remember names for a large number of items (up to 200), and not get confused in them
Learning Ability Higher Than Chimpanzees
Love to play

Use special signals to invite to play. Inviting to play, the dog crouches on its front legs and wags its tail or barks.
Dogs are friends of man
In addition to everything else, some dogs help the disabled, the deaf and the blind.
Dogs can be taught to find drugs, explosives, termites, as well as certain diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

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