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Signs and symptoms of rabies

A symptom is what the patient feels and can describe, and a sign is something that other people, for example, a doctor, can notice. For example, drowsiness may be a symptom, and dilated pupils may be a sign.

The period from the moment of infection with rabies to the onset of the first symptoms (incubation period) can take from four to eight weeks, and sometimes more than a year. The further the bite from the head, the longer the incubation period.

The first flu-like symptoms are fever, headache, and tiredness. There will also be tingling or pain at the site of the bite and anorexia (loss of appetite).

Two possible types of rabies can develop – violent rabies or silent rabies.

Symptoms of violent rabies:
progressive anxiety and excitement
excessive secretion of tears and saliva
dilated pupils
thermophobia – temperature sensitivity
hydrophobia (hydrophobia)
partial paralysis
alternating periods of clarity of mind with severe anxiety and then confusion, delirium and hallucinations
Almost all patients die within two to ten days after the onset of the first symptoms. Those who survived had serious brain damage.

Symptoms of silent rabies:
This more rare type of rabies affects the spinal cord. The patient gradually becomes paralyzed until the lungs and heart cease to function. About a week after the onset of symptoms, patients fall into a coma and then die.

A patient with silent rabies will experience embarrassment, anxiety, agitation, headache, hallucinations, hydrophobia, increased salivation, partial paralysis, which spreads.

How to avoid rabies?
If an animal bites, you should immediately consult a doctor and get treatment. Even if the animal was not infected with rabies, tetanus treatment may be necessary.

If rabies symptoms appear, death is almost inevitable.

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