Lancashire Heelers, USA
Darling Princess of Gwen


Pennie joined our family on September 10, 2001.  We were once again fortunate to have found a puppy who was lovingly home raised, this time by Alison Fisher, her husband Graham, and their children Robert, Andrew and Rebecca.   We enjoyed a few days in Lancashire getting to know each other and had a lovely day in the English countryside with Joan and Mark Smith and the Pennijar Lancashire Heelers.  

Pennie was bold and confident and ready to start her new life in America.  Unlike Hoover, who had been an absolute angel on his flight to the USA, Pennie was not about to sit still for any length of time, especially in her traveling bag.  The flight crew was very accommodating and by the time we landed in Atlanta, Pennie had made friends with nearly every passenger on the plane.  

Pennie is now ten years old, and hasn't slowed down one bit.  She still displays a playful nature and is full of puppy antics.  She always has a toy within easy reach.  She loves to play tug and everything she gets her mouth on becomes a tug toy.

Pennie loves to swim now, although it took her quite awhile to jump into the pool on her own.  She greatly misses her swimming partners, Gofer and Hoover, but enjoys sharing a swim with the family and even takes an occasional swim on her own.  Although she adores her little brother Imus, I'm sure she is disappointed that he doesn't share her love of the water.    
Pennie enjoys a morning swim
Pennie in the garden