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Smallest cat breed
Singapore Singaporean cat (Singapore) is the smallest breed of cats, as well as an energetic companion who wants to help you with everything that you do. In 1991, the Singapore…

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10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog
Before acquiring a new puppy or dog as a pet in your home, it is important to consider the following: 1. Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment. Animals develop…

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Magnusson Feed - Keeping the Best
Imagine clean, fresh air, bright and warm sun, lush green grass and a refreshing breeze. Sounds like a resort, doesn't it? But it is in such conditions that the products…

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Feed ProBalance

ProBalance feeds also claim to be premium. They are produced in the Russian division of the Danish concern Aller Petfood A / S. The formulation and production technology of each feed is also carefully thought out by Aller Petfood technologists (Denmark), veterinary nutritionists and leading world experts in the development of animal feed. All raw materials (to a greater extent supplied by foreign suppliers), each process of preparation of the feed and the final product are carefully monitored so that the nutrition is balanced and complete. Including high quality feed can be achieved through the use of modern equipment designed specifically for the production of animal feed, rather than animal feed.
It is also important that ProBalance feeds perfectly match the physiology of carnivores, have an excellent natural taste and high digestibility (about 88%). The feed contains from 23 to 30% dehydrated poultry meat, which is quite enough for the animal to receive the required amount of protein, and nutrition was considered complete. Continue reading

The choice of food for dogs and cats produced in Russia

When choosing a pet food for each animal, each pet owner tries to come to a compromise when the dog / cat receives tasty, healthy, well-balanced and, of course, good nutrition, but at the same time, the price of such an ideal diet should be within certain limits. At first glance, choosing a budget feed of good quality may seem an overwhelming task, but today the choice on the feed market is huge, and Russian-made feeds are becoming increasingly popular (especially in light of the rise in price of foreign feed).
Among the most famous Russian brands, perhaps, the following brands can be distinguished: Blitz (Blitz), Our Brand, Prokhvost (Prokhvost), Meal, ProBalance (ProBalance), True Friends, Stout and Safari (Safari). Continue reading

Professional dog food Wolfsblut (Wolfsblat)

Today we hear and talk a lot about a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, in which the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates directly depends on activity, age, physical condition and even place of residence. Today we do not buy products, especially new ones, without having studied the label, composition, reviews.

The diet of our pets requires the same selective and scrupulous approach, it does not tolerate compromise. Properly selected food will give your pet energy, health, his coat will shine, and he will be cheerful and active. Continue reading

Why take care of dog teeth?

Since childhood, we have been trying to maintain dental health, and for this we regularly visit the dentist, because timely treatment will help to avoid not only the appearance of painful sensations, but also significant material costs. In turn, dog teeth also need regular care.
Let’s look at the most common diseases of the oral cavity in domestic dogs and find out why this happens.
Dental plaque is one of the most harmless diseases and with timely care for the teeth of the animal is easily cleaned at home.
Tartar is a consequence of the accumulation of plaque on the teeth. Getting rid of stones is somewhat more difficult. Continue reading

Magnusson Feed – Keeping the Best

Imagine clean, fresh air, bright and warm sun, lush green grass and a refreshing breeze. Sounds like a resort, doesn’t it? But it is in such conditions that the products used as part of Magnusson feed (Magnusson) are grown and harvested.
Magnusson Petfood AB, a manufacturer of this unique feed, was founded in 1995 in Sweden and is a family business. At the moment, the company employs only 11 people, of which 6 are employed in production.
The main motto of the company: “Do for others as for yourself.” Continue reading

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