Exotic pets

Japanese feline paradise
For many hundreds of years, humans have endowed cats with mystical qualities. Somewhere people loved them, somewhere they hated them, once they deified them, and once they were afraid, but…

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Dog for apartment
Very often, people in big cities do not have the ability to fully walk dogs, and many of the dog breeds (large and small) require regular physical activity and exercise.…

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Fascioliasis is a helminthiasis, from the group of trematodoses, a disease of many species of mammals caused by the trematode Fasciola hepatica (Fasciola vulgaris). The causative agent is F. hepatica,…

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Dental anatomy of dogs

The mouth of animals performs several important functions of life. This is not only a meal and water. She plays an important role in grooming, thermoregulation and communication. Dentistry is very important for the health and well-being of animals.

Dogs are carnivores and their teeth reflect their carnivorous evolutionary history. Domestic dogs, of course, are turned into omnivores, since most dry dog ​​foods contain a significant amount of plant food. Continue reading

The smallest dog breeds

Small dog breeds are a very popular type of pet. They do not require much space and can be taken with you anywhere. These cute, cuddly, miniature dogs bring tons of pleasure, but they require the same care and attention as large dogs. Small breeds of dogs are very active, they need a lot of exercise throughout the day. In cold weather they need to be worn, they tolerate cold worse compared to large dogs. If such difficulties are acceptable to you, then one of these cute dogs may suit you. Continue reading

Dog amoebiasis

Amoebiasis is an infection caused by a unicellular organism known as amoeba. Amoebiasis can affect humans as well as dogs and cats. It is most often found in tropical areas.

Varieties and symptoms of amoebiasis
There are two types of parasitic amoeba that infect dogs: Dysentery amoeba (Entamoeba histolytica) and Akantameba (Acanthamoeba).

Dysenteric amoeba
Usually asymptomatic disease Continue reading

Which breeds of dogs tend to gain weight?

Obesity is a major nutritional disease in animals. Excess weight in dogs leads to arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, diseases of the loam and a decrease in life expectancy.

Dog Risk Factors
As you know, aging or sterilization increases the risk of obesity in pets. With age, the level of activity of animals decreases and without adjusting the portions of food, old animals will easily gain excess weight. Sterilization reduces the daily calorie intake by 10-20 percent. Continue reading

Animal life span

The average life span of animals varies, depending not only on the type of animal, but also on other factors, such as whether they live indoors or outdoors and the level of care provided by their owners. Popular pets such as cats and dogs usually live around 10-12 years, which means that a child who receives a pet will have to survive death during childhood.

A pet’s life can be prolonged if it is properly looked after. Proper nutrition, a suitable habitat and good veterinary care can significantly increase the life span of an animal. Continue reading

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Animal life span
The average life span of animals varies, depending not only on the type of animal, but also on other factors, such as whether they live indoors or outdoors and the…


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