In Loving Memory of R & B's Gofer P. Sox and Pennijar Pilgrim.  Two very special companions that we were fortunate to share our lives with. 
Gofer Sox and Hoover
Gofer and Hoover share a quiet momemt
We have been very fortunate to have had wonderful four-legged companions over the years.  I'd like to devote this page to two very special friends.  

Gofer P. Sox, "Gofer", was a beautiful Pembroke Corgi.  He lived to the glorious old age of 17 and was a wonderful big brother to our Lancashire Heelers and the best role model they could have ever had. Gofer was very patient with the playful antics of the puppy stages and always willing to share a cuddle.  Although his age slowed him down somewhat, he was a superb athlete and enjoyed his daily swims and an occasional game of tug with one of his Heeler buddies. He was a devoted companion and a very special friend and will live in our hearts forever. 

Pennijar Pilgrim, "Hoover" was our first Lancashire Heeler, and the reason we were so taken by the breed.  Taken from us too soon as the result of a tragic accident at only 4 1/2  years of age,  Hoover was playful, intelligent, loyal, devoted, confident, energetic, and breathtakingly beautiful.  He was the best brother to Gofer Sox and Pennie and never lost his amazing sense of humor.  He loved swimming, agility and opera - Yes, opera! and his loss was felt by many in the US and abroad.  His legacy lives on as the first Lancashire Heeler to be registered with the Foundation Stock Service of the American Kennel Club, and his image is used by several producers of Lancashire Heeler items.

Our heartfelt thanks to Joan and Mark Smith of Pennijar Lancashire Heelers and Pennijar Baby Spice, "Emma",  for introducing us to this delightful breed and for allowing Hoover to  join our family.  He was one in a million.  There never has been and never again will be a dog quite like Hoover.  He is missed by all who knew and loved him.