Lancashire Heelers, USA
McHeel's Idefix
After a few days getting to know each other in the beautiful city of Helsinki, with side trips to Hameenlinna and a wonderful day in Porvoo with "Auntie" Marjuuka, Imus and I flew home to Florida.  Imus was a wonderful little traveler during the long trip and made many new friends on the flights.  He settled in immediately to his new home and family, but it took a few days for him to get comfortable with the weather.  Quite a drastic change from what he was used to!  

How fortunate we were to once again find a puppy that had been not only carefully bred, but raised in a loving home by Sirpa Makela, her husband Jari, and their children Peppi and Arttu.  Imus is very friendly, having shared his home with adults, children, dogs,  puppies and a litter of kittens.  He is very adaptable, curious about everything, and is bold and brave.  Just what we were looking for. 

Imus and Pennie have become fast friends and are virtually inseparable.  
She has taught him  the pleasure in digging up the peanuts painstakingly buried by the local squirrel population, the joy in chasing lizards who can outrun just about anything, and the endless task of rearraiging my landscape design.  He has appointed himself chief guard to the assorted wildlife feeders in the garden and diligently patrols them.